About Phorecast

Exploring new opportunities

At Phorecast we believe that innovation, creativity and imagination are keys to good business. Openly sharing ideas and combining many disciplines is our method.

Forecasting the future is what we do. We continuously monitor trends and new innovations. We scout for the best new creators to include on our teams, the most famous and brightest innovators in the world.

We believe in combining multi-disciplinary teams, people who are truly experts in their fields, working together. We cast a very wide net when searching for our innovators. For example, combining the expertise of a famous product designer and a world-class chef may be how we find that new innovative plan to market a new kitchen knife.

What we do

Phorecast is a consulting firm that scouts and combines innovators and experts into multi-disciplinary teams focused on finding new markets, directions and ideas for your organisation. We believe in the power of innovation and that sharing creative ideas is the key to good business.

Every organisation’s road to the future is different, and so are our teams. Other consulting firms can not always guarantee you their best consultants who may be tied up at that particular time. They also work in their specific fields so you will not get the broader range of innovators and experts we offer. Phorecast’s unique business model ensures you a team of proven innovators selected from disciplines relevant to your specific needs each time.

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of innovation and that sharing creative ideas is the key to good business. Combining the most innovative and forward-thinking people from different fields and learning from each other is how new ideas come together in today’s world.

We believe in a work environment that stimulates creativity and individual thinking. The Phorecast staff and teams are encouraged to learn new things, evolve and grow with their personal talents. All the steps in the Phorecast Process are designed to promote creativity and stimulate ideas. The teams that we scout and put together are experts from very different fields and sharing their ideas is the basis of all innovation. The innovators find the intense three-day think tank and competition part of the process a much more creative way of working together than the traditional methods out there.

We believe that a big problem many organizations face is the resulting plan they receive after working with a consulting firm. Besides being costly and taking a very long time to complete it is extremely difficult to implement throughout the organization. At Phorecast you can expect the end result to be an innovation plan that is easy to follow and directly applicable from the staff to the CEOs. We strongly believe that the work the innovators have done for you must be practically achieved at all levels. Because is it really innovation if you can’t achieve it?

Work with us

Our innovators and staff have diverse academic and professional backgrounds. They have all started or been involved in developing new innovative projects and businesses. They share a common interest in immersing themselves in new projects, and innovations and forecasting the future.

The modern workplace
Our innovators are hired on a project basis, usually a three-day intensive think-tank. You will collaborate with the best innovators in a highly competitive and fast-paced session. Expect sweat, blood, tears and laughs.

The Person:
* You consider yourself to be innovative.
* You like science and you define yourself as an academic person.
* You have a healthy balance between documenting and refining your process on how to do stuff and just doing it.
* You have enthusiasm for helping clients, not just closing deals.
* You think that having a life is good for business.