Need a strategy that’s easy for others to understand?

The Strategy.pdf is useless. What you need is an elevator pitch that people get. Otherwise, you will probably just have a new organisation map with the same people doing what they did before. But if they understand why the new strategy matters to them then it will become a valuable guide in everyday tasks. That’s how you can get the change you need.

Quick start

Our method doesn’t require months of research before we even start. All our innovators are already preloaded with experience that you can take advantage of directly.

Easy to use

You state why you need a strategy and the goal the strategy should help you achieve. We will give you a strategy that simplifies complex ideas into actionable plans that drive results.


Every client’s challenge is unique. So are our methods and solutions. Because of our wide range of different types of innovators, you can be sure that our team understands your specific situation.

We know your future now!

The Phorecast Session

Our way of facilitating meetings will help your organisations agree on where you are going and why. Afterwards, you will have gained insights on the next concrete action you need to take today to be in control of your future tomorrow.

“We estimate the result we got from Phorecast on how to transform our business model towards digital distribution to be worth $15.000.000 for us in 5–10 years.”

Transformation Playbook for JCDeaux

“Phorecast guided us through a complicated co-design process  where we studied how patients, nurses and MD’s can use digital tools together.”

Facilitation of co-design for several research studies at Karolinska Institutet.

“The best thing with the Playbooks that Phorecast delivers is how easy they are to follow for non-strategist. The focus on how to go from strategy to better KPI makes a big difference.”

Advertising Agency using Phorecast for white-labelled Playbooks for their clients.